​​Report reveals that many Asia Pacific Leaders lack the drive and capability to Innovate

30th March 2018



Brave New Ways of Working – Leading a Workforce Fit to Win

2018 Asia Pacific Research results from Cegos Asia Pacific into how organisations are progressing in their transformations to be fit for the future

New research released by training firm  Cegos Asia Pacific reveals that many of the region’s top-level leaders fail to drive innovation in their businesses.

Download a copy of the research paper here

The shock findings came out of a survey of almost 2000 business and HR professionals, across 11 countries within the Asia Pacific region. According to the poll, a staggering 59% of respondents thought senior leaders did little to promote a culture of innovation across their organisations and lead by example.

Full results of the survey were announced at a recent Cegos event in Singapore – Brave New Ways of Working – in which HR and learning managers gathered to hear about the changing world of work and the creative methods successful companies use to transform their organisations, increase efficiency, morale and the bottom line.

Jeremy Blain, regional MD for Cegos Asia Pacific, says: “In a world where technology and lean start-ups are charging ahead with new ways of working, leaders and CEOs across the region should be alarmed by these findings. Our understanding is that too many leaders at the top of the tree are stuck in an old-fashioned mindset. This encourages them to play safe, when they should be energising their teams and allowing them to take risks.

“The focus within the research is representative of the 8 most common themes we hear from our customers, enterprise experts, and the media on what constitutes the main building blocks for business success as we accelerate into the future. Leaders and managers across the APAC region must do more to embrace technological advances and inspire a culture of innovation, a change mindset and new ways of working. Otherwise, they risk falling behind their competitors.”

While parts of the region showed strong leadership and imagination in preparing for the future of work, the report highlights other concerns. For example:

  • 51% of respondents felt their organisation offered very little or no flexibility in when or where they work – a worrying result when top-performing companies across the globe are using technology to enable flexible working
  • 61% thought that their companies poorly organised remote collaboration and communication
  • Malaysia and Thailand performed poorly across most areas of the survey, although there are signs in both countries that leaders are ready to take action and move with the times
  • Out of a list of several obstacles to innovation and transformational progres that companies face, the top three – management commitment, clarity of direction and company culture / climate –are the main responsibility of senior management

The report entitled ‘Brave New Ways of Working – Leading a workforce fit to win’ is now available to download for free at: http://www.cegos.com.sg/research-papers/brave-new- ways-working-research-paper-2018/


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