​Another chance to view our webinar: Embracing the New Normal; Corporate Culture Change bought about by Covid 19

11th August 2020


We are living with new and complex changes affecting people and culture with little experience to guide us. In uncharted territory, decisions and actions become experiments paving the way in what does and doesn’t work.

While, changes need careful consideration before implementation, as poorly thought through initiatives could mitigate some risks but magnify others, businesses shouldn’t be afraid of approaching this with an experimental mind-set.

Cegos’s MD Francis Marshall talks to Nick Worrall, Group Chief People Officer at Countryside Properties, about the changes in culture and leadership style they are currently embracing.

In this webinar Francis and Nick explore:

  • How do you define the culture of a business or organisation?
  • Has the leadership style of companies has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • How are both management and employees adapting to new management and leadership changes?
  • How do you measure the impact of change, and move forward?