​Brave New Ways of Working: Leading a workforce fit to win

29th March 2018


Cegos Asia Pacific conducted this survey to gauge how far organisations across the region were dealing with the need to transform and how they were implementing future-ready infrastructure within the workplace.

They received almost 2,000 responses over three months, from HR, business and learning professionals in multinational companies operating across Asia Pacific (Australia, New-Zealand, India, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam).

8 conclusions that came out of the survey results

  • Organisations must actively embrace digital disruption
  • Senior management should promote an innovation culture, leading by example
  • Management must be proactive as well as reactive to rapid change
  • Worker flexibility is the way forward, with a strong correlation to business success
  • Remote collaboration and communication skills cannot be ignored
  • There is an urgent need to refocus training on the future of work
  • Change is crucial for the future health of your business
  • The biggest challenges of business transformation

All in all, the key finding is that leaders and managers across the APAC region must do more to embrace technological advances and inspire a culture of innovation, a change mindset and new ways of working. Otherwise, they risk falling behind their competitors.


Cegos Group is proud to sponsor cutting-edge research that helps organisations navigate the waters of an uncertain future. We trust you find food for thought within these pages.


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