​E-learning by Cegos


E-learning by Cegos

VIDEO – Cegos is a leading specialist in multi-modal educational engineering. It provides a wide range of multi-channel training solutions combining conventional approaches with the benefits of multimedia technology and e-Learning. The result is more effective learning at an affordable cost and accessible to everyone.

Cegos is an award-winning content provider with a vast range of e-learning options. The E-learning by Cegos library of 140 modules is designed by a team of expert trainers and technical whizz-kids to provide a highly interactive and stimulating experience – encapsulating the knowledge we’ve gained from delivering training around the world for nearly 90 years.

With twenty years’ experience of e-learning, we have a lot to offer – and a few trophies on our corporate mantelpiece to prove it. We received the Top 20 Content Development Company accolade from Training Industry for the last four years, and an Award of Excellence from e-learning magazine. And with a customer satisfaction rating of 95%, our clients agree.

We offer a vast array of e-learning courses, covering every business training need – but if you want something tailored to your specific requirements, we can also do that.

We have a range of templates ready to go – helping you reduce both development time and cost. These can be easily customised with your own logo, making it unique to your business.

We can do everything from start to finish, creating content for you, or use existing materials or courses and transforming them into engaging e-learning tools. If you want to take a more active role, we can help you do that – even if you’ve never designed e-learning before, we can train you to become experts yourselves, leaving you with a legacy of skills for future use.

Whatever way you choose to go, the key to our approach is flexibility – we’ll listen to your needs, take the time to understand your goals, and give you all the support you need to achieve them.

Our experts will hold your virtual hand throughout the process, ensuring that you end up with a highly personalised e-learning solution that is perfect for your needs.


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