​Future of soft skills (download)

26th February 2020


To tackle the changes happening in the world of work, it is now vital for companies to step up the pace of their teams’ skills development.

How can organisations anticipate and ease in these far-reaching changes, rather than simply dealing with the consequences? Current advances in technology are challenging employees’ entire skills set, including technical, behavioural and line-of-business skills.

Under these circumstances, we will have to define and construct the framework necessary for man and machine to work together intelligently and efficiently. At Cegos we have three fundamental beliefs about this:

  • We firmly believe that, as technologies progress, the strictly human aspects of work and the skills they entail will steadily grow in importance.
  • We have long known and seen first-hand that human interaction is crucial for deep-seated learning.
  • In a world where it will be increasingly necessary to learn and train efficiently on an ongoing basis, our job is to embed the skills that will help engage learners and ensure that their training is effective and has a lasting impact.