​Healthy Working from Home – Tool Kit Part I ‘Practicalities’ (Download)

21st April 2020


Earlier this month Emilie West, wellbeing coach and nutritional therapist, presented a webinar which attracted a good deal of interest from our customers as well as the industry in general.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a Tool Kit of simple suggestions designed to guide you through this period of uncertainty. 

We start this week with the Practicalities of healthy working at home, which will give you snapshot tips on how to work congenially alongside your family and/or house mates, as well as how to create a comfortable and ergonomically sound workspace.

Over the coming weeks our Tool Kit will following on with guidance on maintaining both your Physical and Mental wellbeing.

We hope you enjoy our Tool Kit and that is it of help to you during this period of lockdown. Reach out to us on social media if you would like to share your tips for inclusion into our Tool Kit.