​How to Build a winning Team – Webinar Recording

24th April 2020


Expert team-building consultant Alasdair Graham knows a thing or two about how to build a winning team. After all, he’s been advising companies across various sectors on how to do this for over 20 years.

Alasdair took part in a special Cegos webinar, where he shared great tips on how to build teams that work cohesively and get results. And it’s all backed up by surprising research.

You may think that having an inspirational leader is all you need to generate high performance in your teams. But it turns out that’s only part of the equation.

Find out more by watching the 30-minute webinar now.

Cegos helps organisations (big and small) build winning teams by training up managers and professionals in other key roles. Read more on our Team Building with Cohesive Behaviours programme here and contact us today to find out more.