​Key findings of our European research: Transformation, Skills & Learning

25th July 2018


In June, Cegos Group unveiled the results of its 2018 international survey.

The 2018 survey polled 2,227 employees and 316 HR & Learning Directors, all working in private-sector companies with 50+ employees across five countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Key findings at a glance

Technological developments and their impact on the management of human resources:

  • 89% of European employees think that technological developments could change the content of their work

Strategic skills for the future:

  • 49% Flexibility and adaptation
  • 45% Learning to learn
  • 41% Efficient organisation of work

Professional training: perception and usage

  • 53% of European employees would be willing to finance part of the cost of their training
  • 79% of European employees would be willing to take training outside of their work time


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