​Moving Gamification to the 3rd Level

12th February 2019

Tips to engage and motivate your learners with gamification

Gamification is a strategy that should support your learning goals. But this can be done in different ways for different results.

Let’s use the following framework, organized in 3 levels, to provide you with some tips on how to use gamification in your learning projects:

When moving from one level to the other, we increase the scope and the complexity of the learning design. It doesn’t mean that one level is better than the other, but it does mean that each level will produce different results.

Level 1: content gamification

This is the most common form of gamification.

In this level we include all the strategies included at content level to make the learner complete a learning activity. The interaction with the content will be like playing a game.

Level 2: system gamification

In this level your LMS has features that allow to display the progress of your learners towards mastering a goal or specific skill.

The game mechanics usually include providing points/awards to your learners when they complete a task or have certain behaviours.

This level can help you keep your learners engaged and motivated during an online course.

Level 3: performance gamification

This is the most complex level of gamification because it relies both on the system and on the global learning community. The goal is to reward the proof of mastery.

In the corporate sector, more important than having a good score in a quiz is to have the new skills applied in real life.


Keeping your learner engaged and motivated is important. But demonstrating how the learning is impacting individuals and organizational goals is even more important and challenging. Make sure you take your gamification strategy to level 3 to help support your learning success.