​Pan-European Post Covid L&D survey results

5th November 2020


Throughout the autumn months we conducted a Pan-European survey to identify how Covid-19 had affected L&D in 2020 and what the long-term implications will be for the industry.

800 Companies took part in the survey from our Italian, Portuguese, French and UK offices.


  • Training is considered a strategic lever for businesses in the new normal
  • During the lockdown, organisations have accepted the digital learning challenge
  • The digital maturity of companies will be translated into a growing mix of training methodologies
  • Companies will focus on soft skills, to better tackle the challenges of the new scenario
  • The active engagement of participants through an accurate design of the training and the interaction with the trainer are considered to be fundamental aspects for the success of digital learning

Get the full picture and see how L&D is evolving for the better, in spite of Covid