​Take part in our Pan-European Survey for a chance to win a limited edition Bose 700 headset

2nd September 2020


Over the years, Cegos has constantly mapped the evolution of training, tracking change and development in terms of methods, areas and alignment with corporate goals.

However, 2020 is making an even more clear watershed between past and future, due to a significantly changed context; we have changed our habits, re-organised our work and found different solutions to adapt our business to a new reality.

The purpose of our survey is to uncover new trends:

  • How are the changes due to the pandemic impacting organisations training choices?
  • What training methodologies are now preferred?
  • How strategic is professional training at this time?
  • What are the expectations in the short term?

Our pan-European survey will shape current trends and outline future predictions. Participate to receive free entry into our draw and get the chance to win a pair of limited edition Bose noise cancelling headphones