​Taking Back Control (webinar recording)

14th January 2021


Now more than ever it’s crucial to get the most out of your working day. Managing your work time can be difficult and it can feel as if it’s impossible to avoid being controlled by the demands of others and the events happening around you.

Nowadays these difficulties are compounded when you consider flexible working and the concept of the virtual workforce. However, it is possible to regain control, and to manage your time effectively.

Take time to watch our webinar recording and prepare yourself for an effective 2021.

  • How to use your goals to work smarter
  • Are Teams & Zoom meetings ruling your life, how to change the way you’re working
  • How to be proactive by focusing and prioritising
  • How to manage your time strategically

Throughout the webinar we give you top tips and practical advice to make your working week more productive and less stressful.

Why not check out our Planning for Results Master Class. This workshop gives an insight into the principles of successful management of a diverse and challenging workload. It highlights how time is spent at work, whether you are ‘proactive’ or ‘reactive’ managers of your time, and introduces you to techniques for maximising results through focusing on outcomes.