​Visionary leaders required. Unique #UP training provided

15th October 2020


Covid-19 has changed the way we do business. Everyone is facing the same questions.

• How do we adapt?
• How do we do more than survive but actually succeed in this new environment?

It is not a time for the faint-hearted and Learning & Development leaders have a huge responsibility to find the solution. If you’re prepared to innovate, you can give your company the best chance.

That’s where #UP comes in.

With #UP, training is focused on delivering individually tailored outcomes and measurable results. It is for busy professionals who are under pressure to perform and where results are needed asap.

#UP quickly implants the skills to develop new approaches and drive through necessary changes in productivity, efficiency and customer experience

Ken Govan, Cegos UK Marketing Director

Different from the usual plug-and-play programme, learners acquire new skills through a mix of digital learning, personal tutor sessions, one-to-one coaching, line manager support and a virtual workshop.

Most of the learning happens in the working environment which guarantees knowledge is successfully transferred to the workplace.

• Tutors guide learners throughout the process
• Coaches provide advice
• Learners share experiences with their peers
• Line managers are guided to support learners within the working environment
• Learning is transferred directly to the workplace
• Each course is customisable and personalised
• All learning is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Designed to be fast, engaging and effective, #UP is structured in such a way that your business quickly sees tangible and measurable improvements, both in team and individual performance.

“We always have the end in mind, which is to achieve tangible results and develop new and positive habits”

#UP Project Director, Jonathan Mohadeb