Webinar: 'De-mystifying wisdom in leadership' on the 21st September at 12:30 BST


In our disrupted world, right now feels like the perfect time to have wise leaders. But what is wise leadership? How can we recognise wisdom and express it? What typifies wise leadership and what defines a wise organisation?

During our next webinar Francis Marshall will explore these and other aspects of wisdom in leadership, moving beyond rational decision making to understand the intuitive aspects that lead to wiser decisions.

Francis will be joined by Sarah Smith. Sarah is an internationally experienced coach, facilitator, researcher and speaker. With over 20 years’ experience in developing individuals and teams. Combining academic work and client work she is a regular contributor at industry events and academic conferences speaking on topics such as Wisdom, Ambiguity and Leadership, Emotional Resilience and Courage, and is Contributing Editor at The Oxford Review.

Join us on the 21st September at 12:30 BST (GMT+1) for a thought-provoking delve into wise leadership.

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