​What is the lasting impact of the learning experience?

17th October 2019


When it comes to the personal and professional growth of your team members, undergoing training is the single biggest driver for success.

Make their learning continuous and lifelong, and they hit the career jackpot. You also hit the jackpot for skilled, engaged, and knowledgeable staff. It adds value to you and the everyday life of your team.

Why commit to a planned and tested personalised learning experience? There are so many benefits…

  • Your team understands their motivations, and so do you
  • You and your team analyse their training needs
  • You recognise their best individual learning times
  • They break habitual patterns
  • They open up to new project design and management approaches
  • They improve their team work

There are some added benefits in the learning experience (LX) thanks to the relationship created between the trainer and learner. This can help shift the perception of team members, change their vision, and spur them to find innovative solutions to your challenges and problems.

What are the best 3 ways to engage your team in a learning experience?

  1. Arouse their interest

We do what we enjoy, don’t we? So, apply that principle to learning and make it an enjoyable experience.

One of the most effective waysis to use storytelling. We devise a situation that participants experience in their daily lives, identify a problem and its consequences, and explain how training can help them to resolve it.

This learning through stories allows people to feel like there are both spectators and authors. It helps them to feel motivated to learn for themselves.

2. Grasp the emotion

A well-told story generates powerful emotions, which is part of the reason it is such a powerful learning tool.

It involves us at a deep level and helps us to remember events.

Think about highly emotional days such as the birth of a child, graduation, or a major loss and think about how clearly we remember the events.

So, once we’ve inspired these emotions, how can they benefit the learning experience?

One way of harnessing these emotions is the use of gamification in LX.

Games and challenges make participants feel curious and absorbed. They have fun.

That stimulates action, competition, and the achievement of a goal.

Of course, every small success along the way also makes a learner feel confident, something which is the subject of the third step in the process.

3. Boost self-confidence

Self-esteem is so important in the learning process. To be truly effective, the LX has to help participants become aware of their unique value. It needs to foster contentment and a feeling that each participant is ‘enough’.

This self-confidence will help learners explore the full impact and value of the content of the training and apply it to their everyday lives in future.

It becomes a virtuous circle of self-belief, learning, and achievement.

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