Cegos Group stands at the forefront of the L&D sector



Bolstered by its performance in 2018,the Cegos Group stands at the forefront of the L&D sector,  which is undergoing major transformations.


 The Cegos Group, a European and worldwide leader in learning and development, generated €200 million in consolidated revenue in 2018, an increase of 5% compared to 2017. The Group’s Ebitda stands at €20.8 million, up from €16.4 million in 2017. In line with its strategic priorities, the Group is continuing to deploy its new Learner & Customer Experience: Cegos is actively committed to delivering effective performance to companies and learners who choose to invest in skills development, a key tool for leveraging competitiveness and employability. Cegos is targeting a 5% increase in turnover in 2019, to €210 million, with a €23.4 million Ebitda.

In 2018, Cegos consolidated its position as an international leader in Learning & Development, with solid performances in every market. 

 Group turnover of €200 million, an increase of 5%


In 2018, the Cegos Group generated €200 million in revenue, an increase of 5% in relation to 2017:


In a French market awaiting the application of the “Avenir professionnel” (Professional Future) law, Cegos’ turnover grew by 7%, representing €135 million:

Cegos SA (off-the shelf and tailor-made training courses) recorded growth of 4%, with a 9% sales increase.

IB (a subsidiary of Cegos specialised in IT training) recorded 25% growth.

Cimes (a subsidiary of Cegos specialised in outsourced training management) saw its turnover increase by 4%.


At international level, the Cegos Group generated a consolidated revenue of €65 million in 2018, a decrease of 1%:

  • Southern European countries recorded sustained growth (+3% in Spain, +12% in Italy, +15% in Portugal).
  • In Germany, which accounts for 18% of the Cegos Group’s total revenue, the turnover for 2018 was €38 million, representing a drop of 4%.


Cegos continues to transform its business profile to meet major performance objectivesof its customers.  


The world of work is undergoing several, far-reaching changes (automation, artificial intelligence, acceleration of innovation cycles, transformation of management models and professions, etc.).

Cegos’ goal is to continue to support organisations and individuals through these economic and societal challenges. With this in mind, the company launched a process to transform its profile four years ago in order to make Learning & Development a genuine tool for boosting employability and performance.

The group has been actively involved in consolidating the market, with the acquisition of Integrata (the leader in Germany’s training market) at the end of 2014, the opening of a hub in Latin America in 2015, the sale of psychological testing activities in Spain and Portugal and the acquisition of the Cimes Group (the French leader in outsourced training management) in 2017.

Cegos has also transformed its organisation and reinforced its customer focus to establish itself as a “full service provider” that masters the entire Learning & Development value chain, in France and around the world.

Digitizing its training offer and services has also enabled Cegos to deploy an increasingly innovative and performance-oriented Learning Experience through:

  • The definition and deployment of the 4REAL© approach(Real Efficient Adapted Learning): courses integrating criteria that make training a tool for leveraging performance: long-term training programmes, digital technology to enhance learning content transposition, tailoring approaches to engage learners throughout their training paths.
  • The launch of the LearningHub@Cegos, an online learning platform on which all Cegos solutions are now available and accessible (off-the-shelf or tailor-made solutions, digital and blended learning), which already boasts 150,000 active users.
  • Extending and enriching its range of services to companies (paperless tax declarations, computerised data exchange, management of various order flows on purchasing platforms, invoicing via Chorus Pro for public organisations, personalised customer space on the Cegos website, etc.).
  • Supporting and guiding the professional development of Cegos training consultants, notably through the “Digital trainer” certificate.


Objective for 2019-2021: contribute to the performance of companies and learners to help them meet the challenges of the changing world of work

Technological revolutions arehavinga major impact on jobs and skills

 Challenging existing business models, the emergence of new consumption habits and marketing methods, unlimited, constant access to information and knowledge, the advent of robotization and artificial intelligence, etc.: the digital revolution and technological breakthroughs are revolutionising jobs and skills.


The training sector must therefore transform itself to enable individuals and organisations to find their place in a profoundly changing world of work:

  • People are at the centre of this 4th industrial revolution. On a global level, they face a massive challenge in terms of upgrading their skills (upskilling and reskilling). Ongoing skills development is a decisive factor in employability in today’s world.
  • For companies, Learning & Development is now a strategic investment since managing skills is a major factor in their competitiveness. This is why organisations are seeking L&D solutions focused on performance.
  • Two development priorities for the Cegos Group


Cegos is now focusing on two development priorities:


 Accelerating the Group’s development bydrivinggrowth

  • Thanks to Cegos' customers and services (reinforcing international growth, development of mass markets, etc.)
  • Through targeted acquisitions and partnerships.


Pursuing the Group’s transformation in the digital age:

  • By accelerating the transformation of Cegos offers (for example, through the launch of a new international performance-oriented L&D collection)
  • By constantly improving the Cegos Learner & Customer Experience (notably thanks to the potential of the LearningHub @Cegos platform).

Driven by these objectives, the Cegos Group is targeting a 5% increase in revenue in 2019, i.e. a turnover of €210 million and an Ebitda of €23.4 million.



José Montes, Chairman of the Cegos Group, explains:

"In the face of the ongoing transformations in the business sector and working world, we naturally want to contribute to developing our customers’ performance, whether they are contracting authorities, managers or learners. We are also convinced that performance is closely linked to the ability of organisations and individuals to adapt and find their appropriate place in a working world disrupted by technology. As such, our mission is not only to invent solutions that transform skills into performance, but also to actively participate in the revolution we are going through with our customers - whether they be the individuals who actually follow our training courses or the ordering customers to whom we provide support - in order to define the outlines of tomorrow’s working world together.


The aim is to foster a dynamic approach that will encourage everyone to constantly question and renew their skills, to boost their efficiency and employability. In this regard, digital technology is a helpful tool, but that alone is not enough. The challenges previously attributed to "training" are now firmly linked to performance, and therefore more closely to business. Consequently, our role is to guide and support companies to help them address the issue of skills development from a global, objective perspective, incorporating both technological progress and the deeply human dimension of learning.


For learners, our solutions combine four characteristics that promote commitment and performance: long-term training, human interaction within the programme, a tailor-made learning experience, and the transfer of skills in professional situations.


For ordering customers, we provide five decisive advantages: we orient them towards the right off-the-shelf or tailor-made solution, we help them optimise their L&D investment, we guarantee them service excellence, as well as the effective use and integration of digital technology, and we have the capacity to support and deploy their projects internationally.


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