International Training Projects

Global Learning & Development Projects

In a rapidly changing world, businesses face an environment that is more global, more digital and more interconnected than ever. These changes impact the way we work and learn. We believe that 5 trends are shaping the ongoing transformation of Global Corporate L&D organisations:

  • 1. Self-directed, social, adaptive and on-the-job learning will continue to grow – Trainer led training will remain
  • 2. Better business agility will continue to require more agile L&D processes and solutions
  • 3. “More for less” will remain and won’t be solved by technology alone
  • 4. For many L&D organisations, supporting the company’s digital transformation and the extended enterprise will become growing priorities
  • 5. Corporate L&D organisations and ecosystems are due to become increasingly global and complex to manage


If this transformation journey is your day to day challenge then Cegos can certainly help you.

Watch this video to find out how Cegos can help you roll out your Global L&D project.

Thanks to our international presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific and to a network of trusted partners in every corner of the globe, we train 250,000 people every year across 50 countries, in more than 20 languages.

Over the past ten years we have delivered more than 2000 international training projects. Our clients range from SME’s to large corporations - including several Fortune 500 companies.

The Cegos teams support your project with passion: engaging the learners throughout their training journey, anticipating the changes in the workplace, constantly innovating and taking advantage of technology.

They have chosen us

Your challenges

  • Meeting business demands quickly, anywhere in the world
  • Developing a strong learning and development strategy
  • Developing an engaging learning culture
  • Keeping costs down and demonstrating business returns on training

Our solutions

  • An engaging learner experience which drives better performance
  • Best-in-class content covering topics that address modern business challenges
  • International presencewith a network of offices and partners in over 30 countries
  • Flexible and innovative learning solutions to help you build your L&D Ecosystem.