Learning Solutions

At Cegos we have four beliefs that define our approach:

  1. Commitment to learning over time

Turning skills into performance is about building effective habits that stick. We all know that changing or developing new habits takes time and that’s why we structure our learning programmes to build skills, reinforce the learning and practice in the real world.

  1. Human interaction

Our expert trainers connect with learners keeping them motivated, engaged and of course building their capability. This is the “performance multiplier” at the core of our approach making learning personal.

  1. A personalised experience

Learners are all unique individuals, and our methodology builds personalisation into each pathway, from using AI to tailor content to our expert coaches and trainers making the learning experience relevant and engaging. 

  1. On-the job transfer

Transforming the performance of individuals and organisations requires a focus on results. We work with you to make positive changes in the real-world of our learners, giving them the tools to take their learning to the workplace and the support to make the changes stick. It means you can demonstrate real change and real results through a collaborative learning pathway which spans over several months with a fixed schedule of learning activities in place.

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Cegos Virtual Classroom allows learners to benefit from a classroom style environment, wherever they are.


All #UP programs are designed to be flexible, so professionals can learn at their own pace and implement new skills in the real working environment.


Our Strengths Builder Pathway identifies your strengths and matches virtual classroom and online training and development to heighten your skills.


MyStory is a series of videos that recreate the experience of a novice manager as she navigates the trials and tribulations of meeting and working with her new team.

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