Cegos Virtual Classroom

Cegos Virtual Classrooms allow learners to benefit from a classroom style environment, wherever they are.

At Cegos we have spent 90 years understanding how people learn – and we apply this knowledge to our virtual classes. This means our virtual sessions are not just ‘webinars’ (online presentations to large groups), but are interactive sessions for classes of up to fifteen people at a time.

Just like in a Cegos face-to-face classroom, a student in a virtual class benefits from the same high-level of activity and participation to ensure a truly immersive learning experience.

Examples of the activities used throughout our virtual classes include; live polls, online Q&A sessions, brainstorming, individual exercises to apply learning, and group work using our virtual break-out rooms.

To see how Virtual classrooms can work for your business drop us a message ‘virtually’ or give us a call using the details below.

Virtual Classroom

Learning Bites

When you need to build skills fast you need a Learning Bite. Focused on specific, crucial business skills our Learning Bite virtual classes grab attention, get straight to the point and get your learners involved from the word go!

Covering the key skills to future-proof your organisation you can rapidly build a competitive edge.

So, for fast, effective skill-building on specific topics Learning-Bites are the way to go.


Virtual Classroom


Our Virtual Masterclasses take the best from face-to-face training and transfer it to the live virtual classroom. Building skills across a range of essential competencies, we take a deep dive into the subject and guide learners along a path that secures skills and allows space for practice, feedback from our expert trainers, and time to start applying the learning in-role.

If you need to build core skills that stick, you need our Virtual Masterclasses - the best in learning design and delivery.