Are you a Leader of the Future?

Published on : 05/07/2021

The world is changing at an incredible pace and it is essential for today's leaders to adopt the skills and mindsets most relevant to take their businesses forward over the next decade. Due to the speed of change in the workplace, leaders will have to agile and able to embrace and celebrate change.

For a positive and sustainable change to take place, you need to be able to break out of your recurring patterns, leave your conform zone and experiment.

To discover your authentic leadership style, you need time to confront yourself, discover yourself, reflect without any distractions, you need to be fully concentrated on the task. To break through your limitations, you need to step out of your comfort zone and even to get under stress and pressure to reveal what prevents you from developing your full potential. It takes time to step out of your comfort zone, to experiment, to go beyond your resistance to become the best leader you may be.

The Leader of the Future breakthrough program helps your organisation develop leaders fit for the future. It's a 5 day immersive pan-European program, delivered online, that brings together leaders from all over Europe to learn, experiment and share experiences.

Great leaders are trusted, authentic, show integrity and deliver results. They inspire and empower their teams and build a culture for success. Cegos helps your leaders achieve this.

“An exceptionally powerful week,” says HR manager John Webster, one of 10,000 #leaders worldwide to have transformed their leadership powers through our Leader of the Future program. “The chance to grow and learn with other leaders has been a phenomenal experience. It has truly changed how I will work and who I am as a leader and a person."

Throughout the program, participants are empowered with key people management tools, informed by the world's most prestigious business schools.

Feedback from peers, observations and self-reflection inspire awareness of a leader's behaviour and the effect it has on others, how they motivate their teams and the impact on business performance.

“The dynamics and immersion format are the great differentiators of this journey. Energy, provocations and involvement of the trainers are differential, even more in a digital format.”

The results are surprising and act as a catalyst for real change for the better. Participants will go on a unique journey, which goes way beyond the online training. They will be challenged, pushed out of their comfort zone, and put under pressure to reveal their true leadership style. It is an intense experience full of exchanges, challenges, emotions, and insights.

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