A business culture change can ensure you keep your clients for life

Published on : 26/10/2021

We're so proud to be working with Transdev who recently won a converted Brandon Hall Excellence Award for ‘Best Program for Sales and Performance’. Here is the story of how the Cegos team helped a global transport company undergo a major cultural change in order to build relationships with existing clients and attract new ones.

A well-rounded cultural transformation will change the way your employees think, act and deliver your services and products to your customers. Every interaction should reflect your cultural values, from the first time that a customer makes contact with your company to the very end of the transaction.

Transdev is an operator and global integrator of mobility including the operation of public transport. It has operations in 17 countries, including the UK. Transdev provide 11 million passenger trips everyday thanks to efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly transportation services that connect people and communities.

Transdev entrusted Cegos with providing the cultural guidance through the extensive training programme. Two different version of the program were designed: a full learning path running over 8 weeks and a lighter version over a 6 week period. Each Transdev country decides which version is most suitable for the country based on already established knowledge and practices. Both versions comprised a fully blended approach including video, pre-skills evaluation, virtual classrooms, face to face classroom session, a custom made business case and a knowledge quiz self-assessment.

This international programme has already been deployed successfully in five countries, with another ten to be carried out by the end of the year

Programme benefits

  • Practices and client approach changed “for life”. Participants learned how to anticipate and be prepared to win
  • Some contracts extended or renewed without public tendering
  • Helped build Transdev reputation and perception with the existing clients
  • A Brandon Hall Group silver award won in the “Excellence in Sales Development” category

Key success factors

  • True balance between real-life situations and concepts useful to ensure a rich client relationship
  • Continuous improvement and adjustments to the programme according to local specific business context
  • Integration of Transdev tools & processes into the program to enhance coherence and efficiency into the company’s ways of working