Employee Voice - Webinar recording

Published on : 23/02/2022

Employee voice is often defined as giving people opportunities to express ideas, concerns, and perspectives with authenticity and without fear of social or workplace consequences. That means employees have the ability to influence decisions at work through their feedback.

During this webinar Francis Marshall, Cegos UK MD, and Janet Taras, Business Psychologist/Communications & Inclusion; MSc, discussed how embracing employee voice allows leaders to act based on dialogue with their employees and why this is so fundamental to sustainable organisational success.

Watch the recording and discover:

  • What the challenges are for employees?
  • What the challenges are for managers?
  • How and when should employees challenge?
  • Why managers need to be positive and not fearful of employee voice
  • What needs to change for employee voice to be acceptable?

Action could represent a new way of completing work, adopting ideas and innovative work processes, improving culture, or resolving problem areas in the company.