Managing your people after furlough

Published on : 13/04/2021

The pandemic has disrupted organisations and caused leaders to think differently about their role and how they manage their people. Not only have they rapidly had to adapt their practices and procedures to suit the current situation but also to ensure their business continuity and viability. Part of this response may unfortunately have to include redundancies, and this can be upsetting for those who go and those who stay.

The challenges you will face with those that are let go:

  • The transition from furlough to redundancy
  • How do you focus on their wellbeing?
  • How to support them to find suitable alternative employment

The challenges you will face with remainers:

  • The transition from furlough to back to work
  • How do you support the wellbeing of those staying with the business?
  • How do you help them cope with being part of a changing workplace?

It’s a tough time in the jobs market, with many firms struggling because of lockdown. UK unemployment is at a five-year high with 1.74 million people unemployed. Handling redundancies well will enable you to minimize the uncertainty and disruption that it may cause for your team and your business.

These people are the future of the organization. They may feel a sense of guilt that they have been saved whilst some of their friends and colleagues have gone. They could be worried that the organization will be expecting more work from them due to the reduced number of people left.

To compliment our March webinar, and to help you give thought to this challenging time ahead, we’ve prepared a takeaway document that looks at how to manage both groups in your organisation.

Included are the Top Tips for leavers (job seekers) which can be used by HR departments when working with this group and Top Tips for the wellbeing and motivate your remainers.Download the Takeaway