Micro-Learning, an integral part of your blended learning programme


Agile micro-learning can boost engagement and improve knowledge retention with continuous, personalised training content delivery. It becomes even more powerful as an element of a blended programme where learners are supported by an expert trainer, their line manager, or a learning buddy from their peer group.

The beauty of micro-learning is that it is very adaptable. The experience can change according to the learner’s performance and involvement with the course material.

With micro-learning as part of the mix, you have access to a more flexible solution, which allows you to “target” the learner’s learning in real time, based on:

  • what new information whey really need to know
  • what they don't yet know
  • what they can access online

The forgetting Curve
According to the forgetting curve’, originally developed by Hermann Ebbinghaus, we lose much of the information stored in our memory over time unless that information is repeated or consolidated in some way.

How to achieve this?

It is not enough to simply repeat the same learning activity over and over. Instead, we need to exploit the flexibility of digital technologies to offer different activities that create an impact over time.

For example, at the end of a live training session on sales techniques, the learner could be given a series of case studies involving different types of customer. A week later, they would be shown various videos showcasing best practices. A month later, an online role-play will help the learner refresh their memories on which sales techniques to use in different scenarios.

The key to training long-term memory is therefore not the overall time devoted to the learning process, but the time between different learning sequences. This time is precious for learners to assimilate new knowledge, while repetition supports long-term memory. In the end, longer breaks between learning activities contribute to better long-term memory retention and, ultimately, more effective training.

So micro-learning can be a real multiplyer to your a blended learning programmes.