The 3 top secrets behind our NPS success


Working from home has become the norm around the world due to COVID-19, and now many of us are moving to hybrid working patterns. But this shift to remote working has brought about some challenges when presenting virtually.

Whether running a team meeting or delivering a pitch to a client, the ability to deliver a message with clarity and presence makes a huge difference – it can be a real deal breaker.

Nicki Spencer, Cegos UK Virtual Presenter Masterclass trainer, has consistently achieved a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 100, despite the challenging landscape. Here we’ve shared her top 3 secrets behind the positive feedback.


Virtual training isn’t just about getting people to listen and read. That would be boring! Our Virtual Presenter Masterclass is run in small groups of up to eight people, to encourage interactivity. And there are plenty of opportunities for our learners to receive helpful feedback from their peers.

Collaboration is key in driving better performance and increasing the confidence of our learners, particularly when they’re trying something new. Breakout sessions are also a key tool to consolidate learning.


We all know that seeing real results is bound to lead to motivational feedback. Whether that’s directly from our learners or from managers at their organisation. We closely track progress to see the learning being applied. Therefore, we ask our learners to do a pre and post presentation to benchmark their performance. Not only that, but it also helps identify any areas of improvement to tackle throughout the masterclass.
Training is an investment, and we believe that demonstrating business returns on training is a key reason behind our NPS success.


We may not be in the room with our learners, but we can still see their expressions virtually and acknowledge in real time what they need. The small groups also allow us to give more personalised and constructive feedback.

Being able to present effectively with impact in the virtual world is critical and is here to stay. Our expert trainer Nicki Spencer has a real passion for improving the knowledge and skills of our learners, helping them master what it takes to become an excellent presenter.

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