Imposter Syndrome and Your High Achievers - Webinar recording

Published on : 23/09/2022

Imposter syndrome plagues many a professional’s career. It’s defined by feelings of self-doubt and paranoia of being discovered as a fraud or as not sufficiently competent.

During this webinar wellbeing and leadership expert Emilie West and Cegos' Ken Govan discussed this debilitating psychological phenomenon and provided food for thought on identifying and tackling imposter syndrome in organisations.

Watch the recording and discover:

  • What is imposter syndrome
  • Celebrities who have suffered from imposter syndrome
  • Imposter syndrome in the workplace
  • How to tackle imposter syndrome
  • How to help team members overcome imposter syndrome

Facing your fears is a huge part of tackling imposter syndrome and for Emilie West, the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers made a huge difference early on in her career.