MyStory as a Salesperson

Ready to take your salespeople to the next level?

A salesperson promoted to senior level is thrown into a world that is both exciting and complex. But it’s not without its challenges, so it’s important to integrate winning practices as early as possible. While some sales training teaches the basics, wouldn’t it be easier if they could rely on the feedback of someone who has already been there and done that!

MyStory Season 2 is an immersive and interactive e-learning video series that features Chris, a senior salesperson who has the challenge of optimising the potential of his client’s portfolio and developing it.

Learners engage with the content in the same way they might when watching a TV series, observing and learning as they go. Think of it as Netflix for sales training!

Discover MyStory Season 2

Each bite-sized video highlights a specific challenge any salesperson might face. Meeting with a potential client, for example, or answering client objections. The videos can be built into a learning pathway or followed as a series, but each works as a standalone sales training resource too.

Who is it for?

Any salesperson promoted to senior level or those who want to enhance their sales skills.