Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Project management is both one of the most important and the least well-defined roles in an organisation.

Good project management makes a huge difference to a business – it can reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve cross company communication and contribute to the overall productivity and health of your organisation. And as we’ve probably all experienced, bad project management can do exactly the opposite.

Some people have ‘project manager’ in their job title; others may simply find themselves dealing with project management as part of a wider role. Either way, robust project management training and up-to-date techniques can help improve performance – and make everything run that little bit more smoothly.

Cegos is a Project Management Institute (PMI®) registered education provider, and offers a range of ways to boost these vital skills.

We have project management training programmes for all levels, ranging from those aspiring to become project managers to those looking to build on their existing skills.

Our approach and our courses are aimed at those who need PMI®-approved expertise, but who may not need to pursue a PRINCE2 or similar certification.

Our project management training solutions can be face-to-face, blended or stand-alone e-learning programmes.

Our philosophy is to unify and simplify core project management best practice and methodology, to formalise a clients’ project management processes. To cut a long story short, we help people to find the best techniques for them, and to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

By the end of our core project management training programmes, delegates will know how to:

  • Apply a consistent approach
  • Manage project resources and risks
  • Undertake regular reviews – spotting and controlling any deviations from the plan
  • Involve and manage stakeholders at the right time and place
  • Establish good communication channels both within the project and the rest of the organisation
  • Capture and share lessons learned