Transformation in the world of work


With its 2019 offering and solutions, Cegos is pursuing
its commitment to developing skills

The technological revolutions, the emergence of new jobs and the ongoing changes in the world of work are making life long learning a major challenge.

It is against this backdrop that Cegos, an international leader in learning and development, is continuing to develop its offering for 2019.With one belief: skills development and upgrading are key to address work-related challenges. And Learning & Development is a decisive lever to consolidate organisations' competitiveness and people's employability.

Transform learning to transform skills

José Montes, Chairman of the Cegos Group, explains:

“As a leader on the learning and development market, we have a duty to stand side by side with people and organisations as they tackle the transformation in the world of work. Making organisations more competitive and people more employable: that collective and individual performance is what we strive to achieve with our customers. By innovating non-stop, we are able to engage learners in three ways:

- We see learning as a long-term experience: time is an essential factor when people acquire the skills they will need for the future. We can acquire new knowledge very fast but changing our habits and ways of doing things at work takes time.

- We are keen on "rehumanising" learning, by harnessing teaching skills and relationships; we have wide variety of options to do that (virtual classrooms, community management, e-coaching, peer coaching, tutoring, etc.).

- We are tailoring learning experiences, by delivering the content each individual needs and by taking each learner’s preferences into account.”

Developing technological skills in addition to social, emotional and behavioural skills

As technology develops, it is the strictly human aspects of work which will become crucial. The basic technological skills to develop in today's world and tomorrow's world will not suffice: social, emotional and behavioural skills (coordinating a project, managing, collaborating, communicating, unleashing creativity, learning to learn, etc.) are also crucial and must be developed to ensure robust employability for all.

Against this backdrop, the Cegos 2019 offering includes:

-130 Besttraining courses regarding the transformation of companies and the individual operational success.
- 65 technological training courses

Annick Allegret, member of the Cegos Group Board of Directors, explains:

"Cegos has three beliefs that have guided the transformation of our offering in recent years.
The first belief is that the strictly human aspects of work and the associated skills will become increasingly important when dealing with technology. The second belief is that human interactions are and will remain the cornerstone of in-depth learning. The third belief is crucial for the future: transforming skills into performance is mainly about boosting the learners’ involvement and enabling them to root learning in their daily practices.
Skills and performance are therefore the bywords for our solutions for 2019.”

Turning skills into performance using the 4REAL© approach

According to the "Transformations, skills and L&D" study led in April 2018 by Cegos, rooting learning into actual work situations is the most important factor for engaging learners according to HRDs and employees. As such, transposition and putting into practice gives meaning, activates learning outcomes and contextualises them in different situations.

With its 4REAL© (Real Efficient Adapted Learning) approach created in 2018, Cegos focuses half of the learner's experience on transposition: prior preparation, projection in action during the course or remote activities, definition of an action plan, practice and thought sequences after the formal training phase... The 4REAL© approach was designed to foster blossoming of skills and, by extension, performance.

The 400 4REAL© training courses offered by Cegos let participants transpose what is learned to their job thanks to:

  • Classroom courses enhanced with digital resources, which offer a wide range of learning activities;
  • Practice with technical tools and behavioural protocols: virtual reality, practice modules, etc.
  • The implementation of new practices, with interactive resources from the moment participants return to work.

Ensuring a more engaging learning experience

For Cegos, digital resources boost engagement. There are many benefits for learners:

  • Getting involved prior to the training by fostering awareness: stimulating videos, diagnostics, first tools, etc.
  • Providing tailor-made pathways in line with individual objectives and learning preferences
  • Connecting with others: virtual classrooms, communities, blogs, online mentoring, etc.
  • Establishing consolidation strategies over the long term, suited to individual profiles: advice and challenges for applying support action plans over several weeks.

As such:

  • More than 500 Cegos distance learning options are available as part of open, in-house and tailor-made courses;
  • The LearningHub @Cegos platform centralises all of the resources and tools that learners will use as part of their learning path.

Accessing a new offering of tailor-made services

  • All Cegos customers enjoy customised access to their online customer area. It centralises their training activity for placing orders, managing the entirely digital administrative aspects and finding a history of training courses.
  • The LearningHub @Cegos pools all of the teaching resources used by learners. It gathers all learning-related data for viewing and optimising the efficiency of the activities offered and lets users enjoy the numerous tools and digital resources the platform has to offer.
  • It is also worth noting that Cegos offers a wide range of services for meeting the individual needs of e-procurement requests: paperless tax declarations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), management of different order flows on purchasing platforms, sending invoices in PDF format…

Guillaume Huot, member of the Cegos Group Board of Directors, explains:

"Cegos launched its LearningHub @Cegos platform in early 2018, and the initial results are encouraging. 60,000 people have logged onto the platform since the start of the year. The online learning experience is connected to new ways of using technology, which explains why it is adopted quickly by our customers.Available on any device (computers, tablets and smartphones), it provides access to all training paths for a 100% Cegos Learning Experience in any country.All of the solutions that we offer (packaged, tailor-made, digital and blended learning, Managed Training Services solutions) are now available on the platform. »

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