Why LX is 10X better than a free lunch!


“If it is not emotional it won’t last”

Francis Marshall, Cegos UK Managing Director

Like every other industry, the training sector is going through a period of massive change, influenced in large part by new technology, new methods and new thinking.

That’s why at Cegos we are developing new training initiatives that put the learner experience front and centre. The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer fit for purpose. In its place, a more dynamic, personalised approach to learning that works for busy professionals in demanding roles with increasing pressures on their time.

But it’s not just about offering training that fits into packed schedules. Today’s learner demands training that engages them on an emotional level and is totally relevant to their job.

Over the last couple of years, we have developed 4REAL (real, efficient, adaptive learning) programmes – training that aims to create a ‘wow’ effect and guarantee learner engagement. 4REAL ensures that learning is meaningful and valuable, and that the learner’s whole journey is streamlined and easy. It inspires positive actions from start to finish.

To achieve the best results, we follow a three-step process:

Discovery phase

We ask learners to identify pain points and tell us where they need help to shine in their individual roles. What problems do they need to solve and what tools do they need to solve them?

Design phase

Once we have established exactly what learners are looking for, we design a complete learning pathway that meets their needs with regards to content, engagement and modalities. The process must be hassle-free, so we design programmes that simplify the learning process, provide a great user experience and make the content engaging, relevant, and easily transferable into the workplace.

Testing and iteration phase

After the programme has been designed, we test it on those involved in the programme and, ideally, a group of learners to identify any areas that need tweaking to ensure we hit everyone’s sweet spot.

In August, Cegos will launch this approach with a programme on Remote Management, which helps you effectively manage your team remotely. The programme will contain a mix of live virtual classes, e-Coaching, e-Learning modules, practical tips, job aids, and on-the-job actions all of which guarantee learning is relevant and transferred to the workplace.

Step 1: Induction

A trigger video and a short quiz helps you identify on-the-job challenges that are themost relevant to your performance priorities. You will also plan the e-Coaching meeting (see below).

Step 2: Live event 24th August 2018 (Virtual Class training)

A highly interactive event that triggers engagement, globalunderstanding of the topic and sharing with peers.

Step 3: Self-directed learning

Learners select 2 key areas they want to practice and apply. A new, personalised pathway will open which will include practical tips, trigger videos, job aids and on-the-job actions.

Step 4:e-Coaching 5th September 2018
One-to-one discussion of on-the-job challenges and how to overcome them.

Step 5: Certification

On successful completion of all challenges, participants will be awarded a certificate.

So about that free lunch. Participants will get all the tuition and materials for free!!!! But, as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch and we will be in touch along the way to gather feedback on how it’s going.

Places on this free pilot are extremely limited. If you are interested in taking part and are available for the live virtual classroom on the 24th August, plus want to experience our new approach whilst developing your remote management skills, contact Helen Shaw at helen.shaw@cegos.co.uk or call 01344 388048.