Building a new leadership culture for an innovation future - Volkswagen

One of the best feedbacks we received about the leadership program happened when, in the middle of the internal audit process, the auditors reported that the leaders who had already done the program demonstrated a huge behavioral evolution. It was observed that the leaders who participated in this program were more prepared, more available to the team. Anyway, big changes in the management style and in our leadership culture”

Karine Wohlke, HR manager

The TSI leadership program created in 2019 aimed to train all of Volkswagen’s intermediate leadership, based on the organization's principles and values. The main objective of the program was to promote the transformation of leadership, so that each leader could be a vector of innovation.

  • Innovation and the role of the leader
  • Empowerment
  • Relationships of trust
  • Building a culture of transparency
  • Behavioral profiles
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Self-management and balance


  • 600 managers trained from a unique leadership programme, learning the same tools to build a strong leadership culture (qualification of the entire Volkswagen intermediate leadership).

Key success factors

  • Program totally customised to the reality of the business and the leaders, conducted by consultants who accompanied the leaders from the beginning to the end of the program (about 16 months).
  • Program built based on organisational values ​​and principles, customised to the needs of the business (focus on innovation through inspiring leadership).
  • Great participation and support from senior leadership so that middle management could transform their behaviour.