Developing the needs of new manager - Intersurgical

"The Cegos Learning Hub was a very positive component because it helped people engage online with each other. People received experience points for their interactions, such as when commenting on a video or replying to someone else’s comment. The trainer was also very active in the Learning Hub and made comments about the points people had raised, along with additional thoughts”.

Dave Pywell, Intersurgical Group Training Manager

Intersurgical prepares new managers for success

Intersurgical was looking for a blended program that helped managers transition from individual contributors to being responsible for the work of others.

The assignment lead to a 360-diagnostic exercise to identify and target the specific development needs of new managers such as how to build positive relationships, conflict management and delegation.

Cegos designed a robust management development program, using a mix of e-learning, face-to-face and one-to-one coaching.

Cegos offered Intersurgical a choice of trainers as they wanted someone high-energy and engaging to pull the learners in and get them involved. Dave Pywell said “this is exactly what we got. The trainer was excellent and this was a very important element of the whole program. The feedback from the learners about the trainers ability couldn’t have been more positive”.


  • Our learners became more assertive and able to deal with conflict more effectively
  • Goal setting was successfully adopted by the learners
  • Overall the learners were more knowledgeable about how to develop and motivate their teams
  • Motivation and self-belief was high due to the reflective element of the course


  • Line managers were briefed on how best to support their teams. This inspired them and provided a structure to make sure the learning was transferred into the workplace.
  • Success came from the use of the Cegos Learning Hub which provided effective progression through each element whilst providing clarity about the programme and timeline.