Experiential seminar for members of Executive Committees - Renault Retail Group

“It was important for us to strengthen and achieve consistency in managerial performance. This programme for managers helps them step back from their everyday work situation and take a critical look at their habits and rituals.

Cegos was able to engage all of the managers and get them to accept to question the way they operate. During the course, they worked out what they had to improve in order to become effective leaders for Renault Retail Group.”

Lydia TardieuxHR Manager for Europe

Renault Retail Group believes trust is essential for generating performance. It translates to customer-centric, results-driven management, grounded on team motivation.

Cegos has been supporting Renault Retail Group on this subject for over 14 years. The programme initially rolled out was designed for newly-recruited site managers. The aim was to equip them so that they could guide their teams to success by creating trust.

Ten years ago, at the suggestion of managers who had already done the course, Renault Retail Group decided to extend the programme to the 450 managers sitting on ExComs in France. This is when Cegos designed and rolled out the concept behind "Leadership and trust". This in-depth personal development programme is aimed at speeding up project roll-out by building team buy-in. It takes the form of a short seminar run on a residential basis so that group members can experience the dynamics of a trusting team first-hand. The training method uses the Human Element® approach developed by Will Schutz to create a work environment that is humanistic, responsible, and open.

The course was a success in France and has been extended to 350 managers in another 11 countries: Spain, England, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, and Portugal.


  • Greater cohesion and mutual help within each country's management teams.
  • Shared vision and consistent management practices.
  • A follow-up course is planned to consolidate the outcomes and address new issues.

Key success factors

  • Growing trust between Renault Retail Group and Cegos since the beginning of their collaboration.
  • Support from the chairman of the ExCom and the country managers, who found the course very beneficial for themselves and their teams.
  • Relevance of the "leadership and trust" concept.
  • International network of Human Element®-certified Cegos consultants.
  • Cegos' ability to deliver this seminar in 12 European countries in a limited time frame.