Flexible and engaging corporate program - JTI

" The LearningHub is a great enabler of social learning & continuous learning for all participants. I am able to launch on-the-job challenges at the appropriate moment linked to the client talent management cycle which supports the application of learning in the workplace. Through the discussion forum I can empower learners to share experiences, thus enabling me to promote best practice and provide an ongoing support network for all line managers."

Trainer & learning community manager

JTI wanted to equip their 5000 managers worldwide to better understand and perform their role in the new Talent Management processes, providing them with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and concrete tools to help  them hold effective performance, development, career and hiring conversations.

Cegos has developed and rolled out a comprehensive learning solution composed of a fully self-directed digital learning journey as well as a Blended Learning solution with digital learning and face-to-face workshop, all facilitated by a remote expert learning coach. The Blended Learning solution is proposed to all the newly appointed managers (approx. 200 per year) and is composed of:

  • A virtual classroom training session managed with LHUB
  • The digital learning journey as described above
  • An online social learning community facilitated by an expert learning coach in the LHUB to launch on-the-job challenges, share and learn with others, spread best practices and increase continuous engagement and commitment to learning
  • A 5-day experiential workshop with pre and post work managed through the LHUB
  • Virtual group coaching sessions to follow up progress and share feedback


In terms of operations, we needed to provide a multitenant and multi-language platform to deliver both fully digital and blended learning journeys across the globe: NORAM, LATAM, EMEA, APAC.

This program works as an immersive learning experience with over 60 learning objects, where 5000 Line Managers access the full digital learning in self-directed learning through SSO.


  • Increased speed of learning to upskill all managers when the need occurs,
  • Simplicity & flexibility in learning administration of different paths for different audiences at different times
  • Consistency in communicating the key changes to businesses and spreading good practices globally, through modelized good practices into tailormade videos to standardize the strategic core behaviors across the globe.

Key success factors

  • Commitment of  JTI & Cegos international teams
  • Cegos experience & capabilities in managing international projects & complex blended learning solutions
  • Well used learning objects & learner experience grounded by robust 70/20/10 principles.