Lead My Team - for Imerys

"Improving Safety is a key priority for Imerys. It is essential to develop a strong safety culture among all our employees and managers. Moreover we need to continue building a Continuous Improvement culture and a Knowledge Sharing network through the Group.

To reach these objectives, we are working with Cegos on the posture and role of our team leaders. The training provides them with the necessary tools, knowledge and support to consolidate and reinforce their managerial roles."

Cristina Hurgon, Talent manager for the Industrial Function

Imerys Review

Imerys has decided to “raise the bar” regarding its industrial operations, which undoubtedly goes through a competency upgrade among its collaborators.


Imerys selected Cegos to design and roll out a 3 day international training module, the very first initiative of this kind to be deployed throughout the whole Group. Cegos provided the managerial tools and insights, while Imerys designed case studies and scenarios based on real life cases dealing with safety and continuous Improvement.

This partnership resulted in “Lead My Team”, a highly interactive training course. 3 key themes are covered,
1 each day: the role of the supervisor, communicating efficiently and managing progress.

“Lead My Team” is an integrated training approach, which goes beyond the time spent in class. Before the training, participants meet and share with their manager on their strengths and needs of improvement. Additionally, they choose a management-oriented, safety or continuous improvement project that will be further  implemented. After attending the face to face session, participants are invited to follow 2 Imerys e-learning programs: the Yellow Belt (Operational Excellence awareness program) and Imerys Safety System.

6 months later, projects are presented in front of a jury for validation. To close the loop, the participants retake
the self-evaluation done at the start of the program in order to identify progress. When all these 4 steps are completed, the participant receives their Lead My Team certificate.

The deployment is being implemented within three years. Training sessions have already taken place in 8 countries, all of them delivered in local language by local trainers. By the end of the deployment, over 1000 supervisors are expected to have attended the training.


  • A shared managerial culture to strengthen Imerys’ safety and continuous improvement initiatives
  • +  400 participants have started the program in 2018. Over 25 have been certified by the end of the year
  • A very high level of satisfaction : 3,7/4

Key success factors

  • Rigorous process of certification for all the local trainers, implemented by Cegos with Imerys’ support and contribution
  • A highly interactive program adapted to each culture and language by experienced certified trainers
  • Concrete implementation of the training content into a project supported by the management
  • Cegos’ customer orientated mind set and ability to quickly adapt and satisfy customers’ expectations