Managerial Performance for Faurecia

“Since 2007, this program (the first international one initiated by the Faurecia University), has highly contributed to the successful integration of dozens of new units across the world as well as the growing performance and engagement of our teams”

Dean Woods, Corporate Training Manager, Faurecia University

Faurecia Video Review

Faurecia’s pragmatic operational systems underpin its drive to ensure excellence in both project and production teams. As part of this, the Faurecia Excellence System (FES) is at the core of the DNA of the company. Built on the TPS principles, FES application is completely dependent on Faurecia’s people, therefore the way they are managed is key to the business success. Hence the company believes that first line managers and supervisors have a key role in operating the FES.

Many years ago, Faurecia chose Cegos to design and roll out an international management training program for first line managers and supervisors. Recently, Faurecia renewed its trust in Cegos to enhance and enlarge the training program and extended it to all kind of managers. The objectives are to develop outstanding team management around the “how” and not only the “what” skills to:

  • Develop individual and team performance
  • Deal properly with difficult situations
  • Achieve continuous improvement


Customized to Faurecia’s goals and culture, the program is highly interactive and benefits from an engaging pedagogy: role-plays, self assessments, practical job-aids... It now includes 3 modules (2 to 5 days each):

  • Fundamental of management
  • Managing individuals’ performance
  • Managing teams’ performance


It has been rolled out in 16 countries worldwide and is run by an international team of 30 certified country trainers. These trainers are fully aligned and committed to help learners transfer practices and behaviours to the workplace.


  • Support Faurecia new management model  thus supporting Faurecia important culture evolution.
  • Managers of 16 countries, share a common set of competencies.
  • Nearly 1000 team leaders turned to behave as performance managers.

Key success factors

  • A tailored corporate program delivered by local trainers who bring the required local touch (cultural and business)
  • Ability to capitalize on what is in place in each country and at the same time build a common set of competencies.
  • Dynamic management of the trainers who regularly share their experience.