​Cegos 2020 Workplace Action Event – Singapore March 2016

24th May 2016

Cegos 2020 Workplace Action Event

2020 Workplace Action Event

HR, OD and Learning Leaders may be forgiven for believing that there are more complexities involved in maintaining an effective and persistently evolving workforce today than ever before. Changes in technology, increased diversity, changing generational capabilities and ever more regulatory demands figure high on many lists. These challenges seem unlikely to diminish anytime soon.

For this reason, Cegos ran a major new survey to identify the challenges as they stand today, new challenges that may arise and how we can deal with them to ensure success for the future, now.

Cegos 2020 Workplace Event2020 Workplace

On March 10th 2016 Cegos Asia Pacific hosted an event attended by over 50 of industry experts. This event expanded the debate on the back of the research findings and the actions behind each of the 5 Drivers for Change which were identified as critical for workplace success in the 2020s.

To request a copy of the 5 Key Drivers to Build a Successful 2020 Workplace, please get in touch.