Management Training

Are your managers developing high performance teams?

It’s always been a crucial question but now more than ever. As organisations face unprecedented change it’s the one’s with capable, resilient managers who will have the edge and will build the teams that not only cope with constant change but relish it and become the stand-out, agile benchmark teams.

Building and retaining high-performing teams don't happen by accident. You need a learning partner who combines a deep learning heritage and capability with the desire to gain a deep understanding of your organisation now and where you plan to take it. That’s where we come in. We don’t take our position as a world leader in Leadership & Management development lightly. We never forget that your organisation is unique and while we have proven methodologies, our people connect with your organisation and work with you to create and make sure your people development delivers results that last. Your managers deserve a personalised experience, supported by experts that care about their performance improvement.

Management Programmes for today’s and tomorrow’s world

Our Management Essentials programme is perfect for new managers and to build the skills of managers who are facing new challenges – and the world is really challenging managers right now. It helps them take their existing skills and knowledge, and translate them into effective management techniques that work in the new world of today and equip them to face the rapid changes that will continue to come. It’s not just us who think it works: it’s also validated by the Chartered Management Institute.

More experienced managers may be looking to refresh their skills, learn to think more strategically or understand how to manage specific people or situations.  We can take your management teams into a deeper dive to build the key skills that will shape the future. from Leading Change, Being a Strategic Manager, Managing Graduates and High Performers and of course how to handle the new ways of working with our Remote Management programme.  Our programmes have been developed over time drawing on research, our own business experience and our work with thousands of clients around the world….and with the power of Europe’s leading people development organizations behind our programme development we have all the delivery options ready to go. But blending learning is also about finding the right fit for your organisation. We have all the options, the heart of our success is innovating to drive transformation and keep connected with our 100-year learning heritage. 

Your managers will be energised and ready to put their new skills into action They will have a deeper understanding of the role of coaching, of communicating, of providing feedback, of working with stakeholders, and developing the performance of teams and individuals.

They’ll be aware of the fact that they, as managers, are also works in progress, and will come away with a stronger grasp of their own strengths and weaknesses, and areas where they need to develop.

At Cegos we don’t promise you the world – but we do promise you effective courses that will improve the performance of your managers. We build skills and have the learning heritage and expertise that turns those skills into the essential performance improvement that gives your organisation the edge.

Want to know more about how Cegos management training programmes can help your managers thrive in today’s world? Connect with us and start a conversation that matters.