​Self Leadership Webinar Recording Available

15th September 2020


If you missed the webinar, would like a refresh or would like to recommend it to a colleague or friend, go to the recording.

New Normal world we can’t just pop over to our managers desk to ask a question. Now more than ever we need to empower ourselves to ensure we get what we need to do an amazing job. We all have our part to play in making sure our organisations succeed in this turbulent time, and we want to help empower you to do just that.

Our webinar explored

  • How to create a Self Leadership mindset by challenging assumed constraints, being proactive and understanding your points of power
  • How to work with your manager to ensure your goals are SMART
  • Understanding where you are now as well as your development level on your goals/tasks
  • Why the need to ask for what you want and when you need it is so important

Experience the webinar first hand, watch the recording and pass the link on to a colleague or friend.